Zante Nightlife Guide

Surely one of the best things about Zante is that it is bloody cheap!

Return flights from the UK for £140? No exorbitant club entry fees (unlike Ibiza). So if you’re looking for beautiful beaches on a sun-drenched island with amazing nightlife, then the resort of Laganas in Zante should be very top of your list.

Only a short 3-hour hop from the UK, there is no question that Zante is the up and coming destination for party people who want to let loose on their Summer holidays. Firstly, let’s introduce you to the infamous Laganas Strip! Packed with bars and clubs, pulsating with music and light and teeming with people from all over Europe if you hit this road of debaucherous ruin hard, then it will hit you back HARDER! It’s a very strong squad indeed that can start early, make it down the length of The Strip and still be in one piece at 7 am when Waikiki closes on a Sunday morning.

However, Zante is not all about booze and carnage. Zante has some beautiful beaches with safe, crystal clear waters, which in our very educated opinion rival anywhere in the world and there are some great daytime activities you should aim to enjoy while you are on the island, rather than festering hungover in your bed all day.

shipwreck beach

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Working in Zante 2017?

If your planning on working in Zante in 2017 then have a look below at some of the best venues, who you could approach direct via their social media pages to ask for ajob. We will be providing details of how you can grab the best jobs available in Zante that pay weill and enable you to still enjoy the Zante nightlife. Also, top tips about how much money to bring, where to stay and how not to be a ‘worker’ who blows £2,000 in a month then goes home!!

Let’s start with the best bars in Laganas
Cheeky Tiki’s

Run by a solid team of lads from the UK, this venue is an absolute beauty of a drinking establishment. You will not leave Cheeky Tiki’s sober. Ever. They specialise in very strong but also rather delicious cocktails, served out of all manner of strange vessels like fireman’s hats and watering cans! Ask for a Mind Blaster and maybe have two if you want to cut to the chase, but don’t try to be clever and break the record because it will not end well. You may end up not leaving Cheeky Tiki’s at all, as out the back is a Karaoke bar where you can fulfill your Beyonce and Beiber dreams.

  • Strong Drinks
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Karaoke
  • Middle of the Strip

A hidden Gem at the bottom of the Laganas Strip, beautifully designed and offering fresh contemporary cocktails. Voodoo is a good shout if you don’t fancy pushing your way through the heaving dance floors of Waikiki and Cherry Bay, which are your only other options this end of the Strip. The outside terrace is a good place to grab a decent drink and people watch. And oh boy you you will see some sights from the safety of your stool on the Voodoo drinking terrace, peak season it’s all going off – gypsy children fights, skinny dippers, quad bike failures, projectile vomiting zombies….

  • Contemporary cocktail den
  • Nice terrace for people watching
  • End of the strip
Plus Club

Plus marks the start of the Strip proper and it’s where every night out in Zante should begin. Girls are invited to dance on the bar where they will be waving their bra’s around at the behest of the lively bar tenders. The whole venue has a party atmosphere with everyone getting tipsy and enjoying the holiday vibe. Plus is also a great place to buy a bottle of Absolut or Belvedere, which is surely a better option than sitting in your hotel room sharing one. Plus is the place to set yourself up for a good night out in Laganas.

plus club logo
Zero’s Club

Zero’s IS the Strip. Smack bang in the centre of the nightlife in Laganas, it’s basically unavoidable for anyone on holiday in Zante. And it’s great. You will be served a tasty beverage, not only swiftly but with style and panache. Flair bartenders do things with bottles and ice cubes that will make your mind boggle. And God help you if you are female and it’s your birthday, because if one of the Zero’s barmen finds out then frothy goodness will be coming your way and the photo’s will live on  Facebook for time immemorial.

  • Super club of Laganas
  • The originals!
  • Home to big club events
  • Heaving!
  • Can’t miss this!
Rescue Club

An oasis of sophistication and tranquility, located right in the centre of the Laganas Strip, yet still far from the madding crowd. It is with great reluctance we share the secret of this hideaway. Top drawer cocktails here only so ffs don’t ask for a Sex on the Beach. When you are fed up with sticky dance floors and cheap cocktails head up to Rescue Top Bar, grab a sofa and enjoy the spectacle of humanity down below. There is usually one or two riot’s in Zante peak Summer and there is no better place to watch them play out than from here.

  • Super club of Laganas
  • The originals!
  • Home to big club events
  • Heaving!
  • Can’t miss this!
Wild Coyote Indie Bar

Anyone who can go into a bar which is belting out Kasabian on a hot sunny night in Greece and not instantly be having a great time should probably have been shot at birth. Coyote’s play classic anthems by The Smiths, The Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis etc – you get the idea. This is the only place in Zante where you’re not going to hear the same Top 5 summer hits being played twice every hour. Which is one reason why this bar is so popular with Zante workers. Coyote’s has strategically placed podiums upon which you can pop out your best Indie fist pumping moves and there is a great atmosphere here every night. Oh, and there is one final glorious detail. Wild Coyote’s has a Dentist Chair! So if it’s your friends birthday you have the right to force them to sit in it and have a bottle of alcohol poured down their throat. Good clean holiday fun unless they projectile vomit of course. Get involved.

  • Indie bar
  • Podiums
  • Upstairs Al Fresco

A name synonymous with bars across Europe which can always be trusted to be lively with a party atmosphere. If you holiday in Zante and you want to get amongst it then Lineker’s is a very safe bet. There are 3 bars in total which means you can get served a drink swiftly (very important to me!), there are poles for the girls to swing round and get slutty on, VIP seating areas where all sorts of unbelievable scenes take place, a small but perfectly formed dance floor and a very decent sound system. The whole ambience and layout of this bar make it the complete venue for anyone looking for a good time on holiday and if you don’t pop in for a drink or 5 when your in Laganas your missing out.

The best clubs in Zante

We have provided 750 of our 4,000 tickets for the summer to a new company – A-List Zante, which offers a great package of the best events, well worth having a look at. If you want to experience the best of the parties and events in Zante then it’s a great option financially compared to what you will pay in Zante.

If you are reading this you clearly have great taste in parties and events, and have done your research well. We were very proud last year to be contacted by the MTV research department who asked if they could film onboard the VVIP Yacht Party and what a great night we had!

Our whole operation relies on the first class reviews and feedback which we receive every week, which we are proud of. Our mission in Zante 2017 is to achieve more of the same so rest assured we will be putting in a massive effort.

We try where possible to get on with other event organisers in Zante, and we have always suggested having a look at the White Party, which has been the biggest party in Zante for the last 10 years (this is also included in the A-List package!)

Aaahh clubbing in Zante. Well, it’s nothing like Ibiza where you can bankrupt yourself with the entrance fee.The good news is ladies rarely pay, and the most you will ever pay is 5 euro which is about £3.50, and that is only at peak times. In fact, the owners only charge to keep out the pesky Italians and Serbs, which, is a good thing as some of them can be a bit of a nuisance. Some Italian men seem to think the best way to seduce English girls is to sneak up behind them, grab them round the waist and dry hump furiously. It’s a numbers game this approach, 1 in every 200 girls might go along with it, but the other 199 find it quite annoying. As for the Serbs….well I am sure some of the men are polite and friendly but …..

Rescue and Zero’s

The two Super Clubs of Zante. Rescue and Zero’s are the heart and the lifeblood of the Laganas Nightlife. You can probably see them from Space. Both are HUGE operations with lively front bars and massive clubs out the back. Peak summer the dance floors are guaranteed to be heaving and considering they don’t charge for entry they are always a good place to bundle in for a shuffling session. Rescue and Zero’s are home to some of the big Zante events like Zante Live, Zante Foam Party, Carnage bar crawl and the absolute genius Rain Party event (they basically turn the fire sprinkler system on and you lot love it!)


Waikiki has always been the coolest venue in Zante with it’s penthouse R n B vibe. Currently being extended with a new VIP area going in, this is basically the place to be in Zante. Competition for Zante workers to get in the VIP area in 2016 should be interesting if not hilarious. This is the place where most of the Zante workers will head to when they finish their shifts.

  • Penthouse Club
  • R’n’B Music
  • New VIP Area
  • Workers Lair
Cocktails and Dreams

This is quite an experience all round. You’re going to know you are in a nightclub when you set foot in this place because 10 times out of 10 it’s absolutely GOING OFF. The lights and sound blow your head off, the DJ is switching songs sometimes every 30 seconds. It’s a hectic, sensory overload but very enjoyable when you are tipsy and you enter with the squad. The bar team are all Greek and serve up some very decent cocktails, just don’t bother asking for any free shots! Once upon a time a young man sat on the balcony of Cocktails and Dreams, lost his balance, fell off backward executing a perfect reverse somersault and landed on a stool in the kebab shop below. With incredible panache he then shouted out ‘large chicken donor please’. This is why you are going to love Zante, it’s an absolute LUNATIC ASYLUM.


It’s got a cage, a revolving dance floor and a bouncy castle so you tell me what more do you want? How about a massive sharks head? Well, it’s also got one of those at the entrance. The Sabotage approach is cheap and cheerful basically, pack them in with a big PR team and get you so smashed you can’t find the exit. Sabotage is definitely a Zante experience and the revolving dance floor is well worth busting a few moves on. Hitting the bouncy castle pissed in the dark with your squad is also of course jolly good fun!

Great Places to eat out in Zante


This place is so hip it has it’s own Twitter account! On the Kalamaki road is a little gem called Skewers serving Greek style food with a bit more effort than and style than anywhere else in Laganas. The rest of the kebab shops are still stuck in the 1980’s and most of them still have the same sign! Delicious souvlaki and halloumi for all you pesky veggies, you will often find the VVIP squad in here after a Saturday night party scoffing chicken and pork. It’s also good value, so when you need a quick fix to set you up for a night out in Laganas, this is the place.


Never a bad idea to hit Peri Heaven for a chicken feast. The good news is their food is so great they are opening another restaurant due to popular demand in 2016. Service is great, chicken is great, we highly recommend a sit down meal here one or two nights of your holiday.


This is the best place to eat in Laganas. It’s indisputable. Chevy’s simply has it all when it comes to munching out on your holidays. Located right in the centre of the Main Strip there is always a buzz about the place, unlike some of the Greek Taverna’s where frankly you’re sitting there on a rickety wooden chair with a paper tablecloth trying to figure out what ‘Fred Potatses’ are. Chevy’s has comfortable padded booths and a great variety of choice on the menu.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.02.17


99% of you will walk straight past Paul’s, and to be honest, that’s probably a good thing, as it can only seat 40 odd people and it vexes me when I can’t get a table. Simple, welcoming English food, this is great if your feeling a bit tender. Pukka Pies, an extremely tasty 3 euro English breakfast (that’s about £2.00 and it’s lush) Cheese and pickle cob’s (that’s a bread roll), shepherds pie, spag bol.

Cool Peppers

Located on the beach so your instantly off to a winner here as the setting is close to perfect as the sun sets. A modern menu and it is all well executed. Kung Po Chicken is very tasty but the best bet has to be the humungous rack of ribs, literally about 2 foot long. Jack Daniels Steak is another favourite, this would be a great option if your celebrating someones birthday.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.00.59
The best things to do in Zante during the daytime

Best things to do in Zante Numero Uno.

The Bay of Laganas is as calm as a lake and you can paddle for ages without being out of your depth. From June to September it is always lovely and warm. Mid Summer it’s like a bath! There are no sharks or jelly fish or anything nasty, no seaweed, no stones and it’s crystal clear. Incredibly, just a few feet from the shore, if you keep your eyes peeled, you will encounter huge ‘Caretta Caretta’ aka sea Turtles. These gentle, prehistoric amphibians have been using the Bay of Laganas to breed for MILLIONS of years. Amazing.

So, that’s the first tip. Go to the beach! It is truly lovely. Try Republic Beach Club or for something a bit more lively perhaps Life’s a Beach. You will find what your looking for, there are some chilled out beach bars and some pumping out house music. There is also some great food to be found – Cool Peppers is the stand out option.

Best things to do in Zante Number 2.

Go to the beach again! This time, hire your own speedboat for the afternoon and go to Turtle Island. It looks exactly like a Turtle, hence it’s name. You may also find it mind boggling that there is a massive island that looks like a turtle in the same place as where turtles have been breeding since life began. Maybe the turtles made it? Viewing this beautiful island whilst sipping a refreshing alcoholic beverage should be a memory that everyone who visits Zante experiences.

A day out on a speedboat is a classic holiday experience and providing you apply sun screen and don’t stupidly crash the boat (difficult even for the most cretinous person) you will have a great day. There are some cliffs you can dive off and also a rather tasty cave to explore.

Best things to do in Zante Number 3

So, third tip. Wait for it….yes you guessed it. Go to the beach again! This time, take a coach to St Nick’s beach, about 40 minutes away. This beach is even more beautiful than Laganas and also has some absolutely bad ass water sports going on. Highly recommended, this is a great way to spend an afternoon, you will be laughing and shrieking your heads off. The Flying Fish is quite simply ridiculous. Checkout this video here for how unbelievable it is.

The "Flying Float Banana" is the craziest water toy you I've ever seen!

Posted by Explore Talent – Acting and Modeling on Thursday, 18 June 2015

Finally our fourth Zante day time tip. And yes it involves a beach. Not just any old beach this one. The iconic and world famous Shipwreck Beach. Consistently voted in the top 10 beaches of the world this is absolute paradise. Now, to be honest, for a group of lads you might not be so interested in wasting a day here when you could be sharking hotties round the pool. However, for all you lovely groups of girlies we get every Summer this is a lovely day out, a chance to get some great photos and escape the unwanted attentions of the ‘Inbetweeners’ from Barnsley who keep throwing you in the pool and pulling your bikini tops off in the futile hope you might want to shag them.

lads on a boat party in zante

When it comes to enjoying the Zante nightlife on your holidays, we have also put together a complimentary discount package in the form of our Zante 2017 Privilege card. With some great drinks deals at our favourite Zante bars and clubs, this will save you a decent amount of money over your holiday.

Finally if you haven’t got your tickets for the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party – get them sorted here. We have SOLD OUT 50 straight yacht parties and have to turn people away every week. Like we say: “Snooze, lose – you’re on a  booze cruise”.

General Advice for your time in Zante

Spending Money

Don’t change currency at the airport. This is truly an epic fail as you will get a very poor rate. Don’t be fooled by the ‘no commission’ signs, as they are making plenty of commission you can be sure. Ask at your bank or local high street exchange branch. Or ask Dad where is best to change your money, Dad’s know stuff like that. Or Google. You can always change your pound sterling in Zante as well, and you get a much better rate.

Day 1 Epic Fail.

Don’t give over all your spending money as soon as you arrive. Some of the larger tour companies will try very hard to sell you a ‘block’ of events. By all means do it if you like the sound of it, however, have a look around on the Strip first so you can compare options and prices. 250 euro is a lot of money (about £190), and for many people it will be a massive percentage of your spending money. So, we are not saying don’t buy events from your holiday reps, but always do a bit of research and ask for some time to discuss it as a group as we often get people who felt pressured into booking as they had just arrived after a night of no sleep. The events are not going to sell out, you’re not going to miss out, everyone else is NOT doing it and you don’t need to decide straight away, there are other options and deals to be had.

Don’t go all inclusive. It can be a good way to make sure you eat if you’re on a budget, however, we have rarely heard good reports about the food. Also, eating at the Tavernas and restaurants in Greece is an experience you should look forward to and cherish. There are some lovely local dishes to sample which will give you a love of Greek food for the rest of your life. If you are smart enough to book with VVIP then chat to the girls and boys at our office who will be able to give you some great tips.

Finally, let’s have some real talk.

Avoid a hospital or morgue visit.

Every year in Zante we have fatalities on the roads. Young lads and lasses on their first holiday away from Mum and Dad and they end up coming home in a box. If you want to rent a quad bike, then you need to be very careful because if you prat about or drive too fast you are going to come up a cropper, it happens every day of the week. Quadbikes don’t have seat belts or any protection at all and they are easily tipped. The standard of driving in Greece is also pretty terrible. You also need to watch it when crossing the road as you get idiots whizzing around drunk, so just remember your Green Cross Code!

Stay sensible.

It is fundamentally OK for girls to walk home alone in Zante, however, that is not to say that it’s a good idea. It’s always a good plan to walk home together or get a taxi. Also, don’t leave your friend/s alone and unconscious in a pile of vomit in the Strip, what are you going to tell their Mum?

Remember your common decency.

One of the reasons we don’t play sex games on the VVIP Sunset Yacht party is because we don’t want to tarnish the reputation of the resort. We don’t want Zante to be the victim of a British press witch hunt like Falriaki and Magaluf. We also think girls should have respect for themselves and sucking off someone you have just met is frankly disgusting. Be warned that any lewd conduct with not go down well with the Greek locals. Wearing a Borat mankini down the Strip might seem like great banter but when you are getting your testicles pulverised by a baton wielding policeman, you won’t be finding it so funny!

So when in Zante try to behave with decency and manners and give British people a GOOD reputation!!

If you have any questions about Zante, feel free to ask our team who have a wealth of experience, either in resort or via email before you leave.

We hope you have a lovely holiday in Zante!

Zante 2017 is simply going to be enormous.

Zante is only a short 3 hour hop from the UK and BOOM you are literally in sun lover’s paradise. Glamorous pool parties kicking off by day at Republic and Pure Beach Clubs. VVIP Sunset Yacht Parties sailing round the beautiful Ionian coastline during the early evenings. Some great restaurants (and some not so great it has to be said).
As for the infamous Laganas Strip! WALLOP!! Hit this road of debaucherous ruin hard and it will hit you back. HARDER. There are no organised bar crawls in this resort, the whole Strip is essentially one big bar crawl, only the strongest make it down to the word famous Cherry Bay Beach Club which goes on until 7am.

Beautiful beaches with safe, crystal clear waters, very lively nightlife and now hosting some of the best events to be found anywhere in Europe. What is more the strong pound means it is cheap cheap! Unlike Ibiza where it’s silly money for Club entry and drinks, Zante you can have a cracking night out on 30 euro (£20).