Work in Zante

Work in Zante

work in zante

So you want to work in Zante?

Well, we fully understand why! We had the exact same idea after visiting for a holiday and seeing the rockstar lifestyle of the Zante workers. 

Or maybe you've never even been to Zante but seen it all over TikTok and it looks like a bit of you?

Either way, spending a whole summer on the island, making loads of new friends and hitting up party's all day and night looks looks appealing.

jobs in zante

VVIP Team enjoying The White Party

So here's how to go about it...

Firstly, we have to touch on the old-skool method. Which was to book a one way ticket and a room for a few nights, then get about finding somewhere to stay long term when you arrive. 

zante jobs

This CAN  still be done. Get some wheels (preferably) and dedicate a day or two to the task and you can still find your own place.

Typically, you will see an apartment block, there will be a little old Greek lady sweeping up outside, with a mixture of sign language and smiles she figures out what you're after and then hurrah she calls her son Dennis who speaks perfect English. 

You get shown around a room that's literally been shut for 8 months so it's a bit dusty and damp but like you it will scrub up ok.

Give it a clean, get to the Chinese shop and get some nice bedding and a fan and you've smashed it. A basic room should cost 350 - 500 a euro a month which between 2 or 3 people is peanuts. 

work in zante

However, in our opinion it's simply a lot easier these days to use one of the numerous agencies who have sprung up over the last few years.

Why use an agency?

The biggest reason is that you're going to be with a whole group of other people in the same boat as you. So for social reasons this is the best idea. 

You're going to feel safe, Mum will be reassured and they will put you in a group chat so you will meet people straight away. If you have a good rep then you might also get some help finding work. 

work in zante

Barman's view in Zante

There are 4 or 5 agencies advertising workers rooms in Zante, between them they have block-booked the cheaper rooms.


Firstly, be very wary of anyone offering guaranteed jobs using the APPLY NOW gimmick. This is absolute bullshit and is an underhand way to sucker you in. Also, anyone asking for a £1 deposit. (sighs) 

Literally, thousands of people have fallen for this one over the last few years. This is a trick SO THEY CAN GET YOUR CARD DETAILS.

Which enables them to bill you ANY AMOUNT they want at any time. Which they do. 

So before you pay £1 thinking you've got a great deal make sure you read what happens after!

In our opinion, it's far better to avoid any company using tactics like this.


work in zante

A company who says they can HELP with finding you work should be far more respected, as there's no such thing as a guaranteed job in Zante.

How can any company guarantee you a job - you might be a complete cretin? 

Finding work in Zante.

The good news is there's lots of opportunities. Even though Brexit has been a complete disaster for young people looking to work abroad, there's still plenty of casual opportunities for which you don't need a residence permit and all manner of other things that are extremely difficult to get hold of. 

For example, you don't need Greek paperwork if you're going to be standing outside a bar offering drinks deals (pr'ing). 

jobs in zante

So our recommendation is Playaway Abroad.


Firstly, Playaway started the whole industry 20 years ago and have a decent reputation. They don't use any of the gimmicks mentioned above. 

work in zante

But most importantly, Playaway have got the best workers accommodation available in Zante - Panorama or Panodrama as it's affectionately known.

work in zante

Some rooms at Panorama have this view. Yep, really.

The Panorama resort is simply perfect, it's close to the nightlife, 2 mins from the beach and has decent modern rooms. It's got a nice pool and a bar that's great for socialising and meeting people.

work in zante

Simple but effective

It's run by a really lovely Greek family who are chill and have been hosting workers for years. They also do lush BBQ's at the weekly pool party!

Pano is safe, secure and has Mama Mia vibes with beautiful flowers everywhere and chickens and kittens running around.

work in zante

It's theoretically possible to get this penthouse room at Pano with a view to die for and then get a job at Karma Day Club which is a few minutes walk away = smashed it!

jobs in zante

A lot of our staff have stayed at Pano over the years (including me) and a lot of VVIP staff have been Playaway workers as they usually last the summer - because they've got a decent gaff!

work in zante

This could be your new office in Zante

This season due to high demand, Playaway have also taken on the Paradise hotel. Well, we're keeping it real with this advice so have to point out its defo not paradise but it is OK - this is the no-frills option.

It's also a lot better than some other places which we won't mention here.

The location of Paradise is good, decent pool and it's social. The rooms are basic but what do you expect? Think of it like posh camping. 

work in zante

If you're definitely going to take the jump and try a Summer in Zante then it would pay to get in early to make sure you get a room at Panorama. 

Other companies to look at would be Workers Family who are also reputable and have been doing it for years and Ace Workers who always have good reps. 

zante jobs

What's the worst that can happen?

Well, if you can't find a job or you miss your cat too much then it's never going to be a regrettable experience spending a month on the smash in Zante?

Finding work in Zante

Make a few moves before you leave, dm'ing on social media is probably the best way. If you have an EU passport that's a big bonus these days so make sure you mention that.

Apply politely and formally and sell yourself. Many will respond with 'come to see us when you arrive', so - do just that!

Failing that, get around the bars and clubs when you arrive and ask around and if you're determined then you WILL find a job.

So that's our best advice, now stop thinking about it and make it happen, then check out our latest job opportunities here.

Get onto Playaway Abroad here and bag a room at Pano!

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