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zante boat party details
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We are not just the best boat party in Zante, The VVIP Sunset Yacht Party was recently voted the Best Boat party in the whole of EUROPE. One thing for sure is that the VVIP Yacht Party has been the highlight of the Zante 18-30 nightlife and party scene for the last 5 summer’s with everybody voting VVIP as the best night of their holiday and a freaky amount of people stating their evening onboard VVIP was ‘the best night of their life!’

Please don’t take our word for it though, our success is down to the real reviews and feedback we receive week in week out on Trip Advisor, Twitter and Facebook so make sure you do a bit of research. (start with our reviews page here)

Our success depends upon YOU having an amazing time and we are dedicated to ensuring that happens when you sail with us. To date we have hosted over 100 successful voyages, with 50,000 very happy customers – you can be sure we know exactly what we are doing.

The absolute game changer is the VVIP Super Yacht the ‘Ikaros Palace’ which boasts 3 decks, 2 dance floors, a VIP seating area and a massive sound system, it’s simply the best boat available to party on in Zante. Fact.

VVIP Events Zante employ 8 Greek crew, 6 Bartenders, 4 waitresses, 3 gas-girls, 2 DJ’s, 1 MC and a Doctor on every boat so all bases are covered.

So, we hope you get the message that the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party, is not your average ‘booze cruise’. Our mission statement when we first set sail in 2012 was to change the ‘taccy’ image of booze cruises and boat party’s that dominated Zante and all the major resorts across Europe. We asked the question ‘why do daytime booze cruises always feature taccy games?

The answer is because your average daytime ‘booze cruise’ was quite simply boring. Sitting on benches getting sunburnt with a hangover drinking fruit juice cocktails is not very exciting, so something had to be done to try to entertain the crowd.

If you do want to play games on a boat at 1 o’clock in the afternoon in the blazing heat, get forced to eat cat food, put condoms on your head and strip off in front of a baying mob – you’re in the wrong place. Please book a daytime booze cruise in resort from your hotel reps or from some jokers who have set up a twitter account.

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VVIP is the only Zante Boat Party that really does sell out.

Have a look round this website at our reviews page, event details and then get your reservation in. Platinum packages for peak season were fully booked by the end of January last year, and all tickets for July were gone by April, so you will definitely need to reserve.

Finally, if your spending your holidays in Zante and your aged 18-30 then you are no doubt going to be interested in the main nightlife area of Laganas. All of our guests next year will receive complementary Privilege Club membership for 2017 which opens up a load of discounts for you at the bars, clubs and restaurants of Laganas and for some epic daytime excursions – this will save you at least £40 in Laganas, so basically booking onboard this yacht party is quite simply a no-brainer.

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Finally, finally, make sure once you have put your reservation in to check out our Zante Nightlife Guide – essential reading so you know whats hot and whats not on the island : )

See you in Zante 2017