Our mission as a company is for you to have a great time in Zante, especially when you’re on the VVIP Yacht Party. We take your pleasure VERY seriously, with over 20 staff on the yacht looking after you. It is a FACT that we have the best boat available in Zante to party on, with three decks, a massive sound system, two dance floors, three bars and a VIP seating area.

With over 150 successful voyages over the last 5 summers you can be sure we know EXACTLY how to throw a good party.

VVIP get reviews like below every WEEK and unlike our ‘competition‘ we don’t get our mates to write them. We are SMASHING it and frankly if you think there is a better option in Zante when it comes to a boat party – you need your head examined.

We have run out of bandwidth to leave all of our reviews here. Please have a look down our Twitter feed over the last 5 years to see HUNDREDS more real reviews from happy customers. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page to see all the photo’s from our events since 2012.

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