It's not just a ticket!

Our 4,000 guests next year will all receive
Which entitles you to so many freebies,
Discount & Deals it's ridiculous
Inferior wristbands are sold for up to 30 euro in resort by reps & 2 bob chancers
Our partners are not just any old riff raff, this is the
Creme de la creme of Zante

Savings Calculator

If you use this wisely, an average group of 4 could save literally hundreds of euros throughout a 1 or 2 week holiday

Activities and Excursions

Please don’t sit round your pool all day, no matter how hungover you are. You are literally on one of the most gorgeous islands on the planet. You HAVE to get out and see it. This is what we do on our days off, and we strongly suggest you do too.

We save you at least 30 euro on this per person. Bosh.

15% discount

Watersports Day

Free transfer (usually 15 euro) to St. Nicholas watersports beach. Discounted banana boat ride (Usually 13 euro pp., you only pay 5 euro pp.)
25% off all other watersports. This is an AMAZING day out.

15% discount

Private Speedboat Hire

15% discount
If you're in Zante you need to get a boat out, simple as that. Turtle island, blue caves, cliff diving, topless european hotties, snorkelling, beers and pringles - or you can sit round your swamp of a pool all day? Save 5 euro per head with Privilege wristband

10% discount

Turtle Spotting

10% discount on turtle spotting
Don't fancy driving your own speedboat?
Jump on the big boat for guaranteed turtleage. This is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours, although, we must say it is more fun getting your own boat, but some people are a bit nervous about that.

Bars & Clubs

The amount of deals and offers you will have THROWN at you by PR’s on the Laganas Strip is unbelievable. You can buy an all night free bar for 8 euro in Laganas. Although, you would have to have a death wish or be very naive. You can buy ‘shots’ for 50 cents. They don’t taste very nice though. These are our 3 favourite places in Zante to drink and we have some cheeky deals for you to take advantage of, which will save you some money.

10% Discount on Fishbowls

Plus Club

2 for 1 on cocktails.
10% discount on fishbowls
Plus is where every one starts a night out in Laganas and is a great place to get warmed up - literally!
Amazing fire show every night smack bang in
the middle of the laganas strip - don't miss! VVIP staff GUZZLE stupid quantities of the vodka here very night and we can assure you it's the good stuff. With your Privilege wristband you get free VIP table reservations and a 25% discount on bottles of Ciroc and Grey Goose with free mixers

Free Shots


Free frozen daquiri shots every night
All frozen daquiri's 3 euros (usually 5)
VVIP's favourite bar in laganas, an oasis of class and sophistication. Table service, quality alcohol, amazing cocktails and incredibly hot staff. We always pop in here for one and leave 4 hours later =
G-Spot is the best place to kick off your night out.
Happy hour 8pm - 10.30

Free Shot with every drink & 15% off food.

Life's a Beach

Free Shot with every drink 15% discount off food.
The main hangout for the Zante workers, who knows you may even find gainful employment! Home of the mythical Juicee, a stunning combination of Vodka and squash which the Zante workers live on
This is a great place for a daytime session and where you will usually find VVIP Staff when they are skiving off work.

Eating in Laganas

It has to be said, there are some AWFUL places to eat in Laganas. The reason being is that they know you’re not coming back the next day anyway. You can spot the crap places by the stupid deals they advertise like 3 courses and unlimited drinks for 8 euro – just imagine how they make a profit on that? VVIP only eat at a few places in Laganas, if you fancy somewhere nice ask our staff when you check in, we know the best places to eat a short taxi ride away.

10% off bill all week

Chevy's American Diner

Chevy's is the best place to eat in Laganas. Simple. As. That.
Amazing, hangover curing breakfasts. Delicious burgers and milkshakes. Chevy's will CURE you
VVIP Crew are in here every day and we have arranged a nice discount for you
10% off your bill valid your entire holiday, most people eat here several times, (because everywhere else is horrific, so this will save you a pretty penny

10% Discount

Noodle Box

10% discount on all food & free prawn
crackers with every meal for every VVIP guest,
Took the resort by storm in 2013 - fresh,
healthy, Thai fusion by the Australian chain.

10% Discount

Cool Peppers

10% off your bill for vvip guests
Simply the best restaurant in the resort.
Beachside. Chilled. Exquisite international
cuisine. Perfect for a special occasion.

Free Chicken Wings


VVIP eat here after every sailing, it's the best
nosh in town
You get free chicken wings every time you visit
and they are plump, succulent and tasty -
(Vvip guests chomped through an estimated 6000 chicken wings in 2016)

This wristband is COMPLEMENTARY with every ticket. If you just do the water sports day out you will save 25 euro alone, which makes booking with VVIP a no brainer. We honestly think if you do most of above then you will pretty much get your money back. Now get your reservation in.

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