Why VVIP is the biggest and by far the best boat party in Zante?

Summer 2018 will be VVIP Events Zante’s 6th year of running the biggest and the best boat party in Zante. Now we are not the only ones making such bold assertions for sure, however, we are happy to explain why our assertions are actually FACTS.
Biggest is easy. Throughout Summer 2017 we took 5 times as many people as any other boat party in Zante out to sea for a party. VVIP sailed 4 times a week in July and still turned hundreds of people away.
VVIP Yacht Party = Over a thousand people a week on 4 sailings.
Zante Booze Cruise = 150 people a week on 1 sailing.
We started 2 weeks earlier in the season (May) and finished in mid September, at which point two of our rivals had not sailed for over A MONTH. So, any other entity in Zante claiming to be the biggest boat party is LYING TO YOU. That’s not a great start is it, just think what else they will lie to you about?
Last year when we saw outlandish claims from new Zante promoters we refrained (just about) from calling out the lies as it’s not the done thing in the events game really. However, after seeing the impact these lies caused last year on several occasions, we have now said enough is enough. We saw numerous groups of people trudging back up the Strip after finding out the boat party they had booked was cancelled due to lack of numbers and then hearing they didn’t even get their deposit back – well, we’re not having that. Bad for Zante full stop so we will be policing social media going forward.
Over the last 6 years loads of ‘pop up’ booze cruises and boat party’s have appeared on social media all Winter and then sunk without trace after a couple of weeks in the Summer. We’ve had ‘Wet n Wild‘, ‘The Boat that Rocks‘, ‘Project Z‘, ‘Poseidon‘, ‘Boats n Hoes‘ and a few others the ridiculous names of which we thankfully forget. They all stepped up with websites and Twitter accounts shouting about celebs and acrobats and fireworks, claiming to be ‘the most talked about‘ or even ‘the most extravagant boat party in the world‘ Ridiculous promises like Calvin Harris as Resident DJ with Dizzee Rascal as MC etc.
It’s important you understand it’s very easy to talk a good game these days. Anyone can build a website on Wix and grab some images from google. It’s not so easy to fill up boats, week in, week out May to September AND most importantly, show the people onboard a good time. If you make the smart choice and book with VVIP we guarantee you that the boat will be full and we don’t do cancellations – you can take that to the bank.
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 VVIP Yacht Party – The Venue

So, let’s look at why we are the BEST boat party in Zante. It’s always going to be fun on a boat sailing round Zante getting drunk. However, onboard VVIP it is significantly more fun. Why? Quite simply we have exclusive access to the triple-deck Super Yacht ‘Ikaros Palace‘ which sails in from Kefalonia every week. Until a better boat arrives in Zante no other boat party can get close to us. We ask you to do one simple thing if you think there is a better option for a boat party in Zante, maybe they have promised you Prince Harry is DJ’ing or something – just look into THE BOAT that you will actually be on. Most of them won’t have a picture on their website as they know it would put you off. Onboard the ‘Ikaros Palace‘ it’s important to understand you can actually PARTY. You can move around. You can swing a cat if you had one. There are 3 decks. 2 dance floors which you can bust some moves on, 2 bars so you can actually get a drink, separate bathrooms for girls and boys, a large air conditioned chill out area, a VIP Seating area on the top deck perfect for birthday’s and Hen-do’s. Think of our venue as a floating nightclub. Our venue is the main reason everybody enjoys their experience so much.

10 Reasons why the VVIP Yacht Party is No 1 in Zante

1. The VVIP Yacht Party is the most popular on the island. It’s the most requested and reserved party ticket in Zante.
Peak season boats are fully booked out months before the Summer even starts! Why? That’s the main question you need to figure out.
2. A look around social media and you can see VVIP consistently gets great reviews and feedback. Word of mouth is still key and a big percentage of our reservations are because we have recommended by friends or family. We take your boat party pleasure very seriously and our team will do their best to ensure you and your friends have a great time.
3. Although many famous and semi famous people have partied onboard VVIP and we have welcomed scores of top DJ’s, we don’t sell it as a ‘celebrity boat party’ or promise ‘Huge celebrity appearances’. Frankly, that’s just naff. It doesn’t add to your experience if some guy off the TV is on the boat when you are, so what. We advertise as quality. A quality boat, quality alcohol, quality music. VVIP is a rrofessionally run and well organised event. We will leave it to other Zante boat party’s and booze cruises to talk about celebrity’s and huge international DJ’s and special guests (which never appear).
4. We have invested heavily into our sound system which makes for a great atmosphere. You can’t have a DJ like Nathan Dawe onboard if the set up is rubbish.
5. If the research departments at MTV and the BBC concluded this was the party in Zante to film at – you can conclude this is the party you need to BE at.
6. VVIP is unbelievably cheaper than the booze cruises by £10 – £15. That’s just ridiculous. We keep getting told to put the price up, but our logic is why change a successful formula? Hurry up and book before we change our mind.
7. We strive to be the best at everything we do. Our venue, our DJ’s and MC’s, our website, our logo, our videos, our staff, even our uniforms….everything we do is in a different league to any other boat party or booze cruise in Zante.
8. All of our tickets come with a very useful discount wristband which will save you at least 20 – 30 euro over your weeks holiday in Zante. That means if you’re smart you can end up on the VVIP Yacht Party and only pay in real terms about £20 – that’s an absolute bargain.
9. We don’t play games. We set our stall out in 2012 that we would never resort to cringy, tacky sex or drinking games to try to entertain.
You visit a gorgeous Greek island, what could be a more enjoyable way to see it that cruising round the coast line on a boat at Sunset? Maybe a helicopter, but that’s not an option so basically a boat party is a MUST. When it comes to a boat party in Zante then it’s the VVIP Yacht Party, there are other options. There are no better options.
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When you have booked your Zante holiday, get in touch and we will get you and your friends booked onboard the ‘Ikaros Palace’.

Please believe us when we say that peak season, especially if you would like a table on the top deck then you will need to book in advance as we do sell out. Low season we only sail once a week so don’t miss the boat whatever you do. You pay a deposit to reserve your place, then the rest in Zante at our office on the Main Laganas Strip.

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