We have created a monster. Demand for VVIP tickets all Summer during 2018 was fierce, far surpassing all previous years. We had no resort ticket team, relying completely on online reservations, sales from shops and from our base at Plus Club. Every sailing was fully sold out days before it took place and in fact the biggest problem we had last Summer was STOPPING sales as we had people trying to get tickets last minute.

What the last minute people trying to get tickets mostly said:

  • ‘All my mates are on there’
  • ‘My booze cruise got cancelled and I really wanted to do a boat party’
  • ‘They told me the one I was paying for was the best one and now it’s cancelled’
  • ‘We did another one and it only lasted 1.5 hours and there were only 40 people on it all drinking from a big barrel of peach syrup and orange juice and they said Scotty T was gonna be on it so we booked it and now we are sorry and wish we had done our research’
  • ‘We booked one with out hotel reps and it left at 10am in the morning and we all missed it because we had just got home from Oceans’
  • ‘Oh pleeeeeeeease’

So, if you’re in Zante in 2019, do make a smart move and get your crew booked onboard is our advice. Here is the rationale which is quite simple. If you visit a gorgeous Greek island like Zante, than what better way to see it, than cruising around the coastline at Sunset, popping bottles with your friends and enjoying quality music?

Answer – there isn’t a better way.

And there is no better party or event in Zante than the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party. We are the biggest, by a factor of 5 than any other boat party taking 10,000 people out to sea over 35 sailings for a party during Summer 2018, our nearest rival took 1,200 people over 10 sailings. 2019 will be our 7th successful year of smashing it so you know we know what we are doing. And quite simply, VVIP have secured exclusive access to the best boat in the Zante harbour, there is no better vessel to party on than the triple deck Super yacht ‘Ikaros Palace’.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Early June – tables SOLD OUT by April. Slim chance of tickets in resort for the first two weeks, sold out 2 days before the sailing.
  • Late June – tables SOLD OUT by Feb. No chance of tickets in resort.
  • July – Tables SOLD OUT by end of January. Waiting list available for when we had cancellations although you will pay more.
  • August – Tables SOLD OUT. Availability OK if you book early in the week when you arrive.
  • September – A few tables available on the closing party’s, available in resort if you’re quick and arrive early in the week.

If you wish to book a package of events, please visit www.a-listzante.com or email office@vvipeventszante.co.uk.

If you are booking via Party Hard Travel then make sure you have VVIP included in your package.

Now get to our reservations page here and get your tickets sorted or face crushing disappointment.