We launched our A-List Zante Events package in cooperation with The White Party, DJ Nathan Dawe & Plus Club and it’s been nothing short of an absolute game-changer – completely sold out for 5 years on the bounce.

Why so popular? Quite simply A-List gives you the best events in Zante by popular demand and it’s all commission free – saving you over £60 on the resort price if bought separately.

Enjoy the best music in Zante with the biggest DJ Line-up for Summer 2020 and experience top-class events with huge crowds guaranteed. A-List ticks every box when it comes to partying in Zante.

white party zante girls
The White Party

The venue and location for this party is as good as it gets – Republic Beach Club wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas and it’s the best venue for a party in Zante hands down.

Performance artists from all over Europe fly in every week for this epic sunset gathering with dancers, fire breathers and live musicians helping to get the party started.

Enjoy Summer festival vibes topped off by Zante’s biggest budget DJ Line-up. Camelphat, Claptone, Hannah Wants, MK, Michael Bibi, Gorgon City are just a few of the huge names who have graced the stage over the last few summers.

The White Party attracts the biggest crowds in Zante and is simply a must-do event when you visit the island. Grabbing a cabana or pool side bed is a great shout if you’re a large group.

zante nightlife 4 nathan dawe
Nathan Dawe Tour

Friday is always the best night out of the week and that’s no exception in Zante. The Nathan Dawe Tour is the hottest clubbing ticket in Zante with every event fully sold out for the last 4 Summers.

Last year’s special guests included Aitch, Bru-C and Window Kid, Headie 1, Swarmz, Young T and Bugsy and Jaykae and the scenes inside Plus Club were an absolute madness. Tickets for man of the moment Aitch last year were changing hands for 75 euro on the streets in Laganas but over 500 savvy punters snapped them up for £12 via A-List – we strongly suggest you do the same for Summer 2020.

zante foam party
The Foam Party

A foam party is good, clean fun and a Zante holiday essential in our opinion. Lose your inhibitions and get soapy at the Zante Foam Party along with hundreds of other revellers.

Our resident MC will take you on a journey through House music whilst you rave in the suds and the bubbles and try not to fall on your ass. Many girls choose to party in their bikinis at this party and on occasion these may get lost so if toplessness offends this event might not be for you.

Of course, if the thought of soapy, drunken females in a state of semi-undress covered in bubbles is of interest then you should purchase your tickets with immediate haste.

the ultimate party zante events
The Ultimate Party

The clue is in the name. This is the ultimate Zante party experience. Why? Well, first of all The Ultimate Party is the undisputed #1 Zante Event OF ALL TIME! The event has been running every Thursday night for 15 years so clearly something is going on that appeals to the typical Zante tourist.

So what is the Ultimate Party? Firstly, nobody leaves sober. You may even end up getting dragged out by your heels. So expect to be drunk. Very, drunk. With a 3 hour unlimited bar and shot girls galore this is an extremely messy night out.

Enjoy all the latest Summer tunes backed up an MC who hosts the evening and helps to build a great party atmosphere with saucy games and Zante’s only Wet T-Shirt contest. You can of course just watch the games if you’re not brave/drunk enough to join in. This event is available in our low season package and we highly recommend getting a ticket – just don’t make the fatal mistake of pre-drinking!

zante paint party tickets
The Zante Paint Party
We are reluctant to use the word official but the Zante Paint Party is officially the messiest night in Zante – it’s an absolute madness! Jet powered cannons unleash torrents of UV paint upon the eager crowd below who morph into one single entity of drunken, dancing, singing multi-coloured gunge beings.
The paint is water-based and washes off and out of your clothes but we would recommend dressing appropriately or even inappropriately because anything goes at the Zante Paint Party! Get in early and take advantage of the 2 hour open bar (VIP package) before the paint guns start up proper would be a top tip! A-List Zante event package comes with a choice of foam or paint party so pick your poison and look forward to a messy night.
mayhem bar crawl zante events package

Ooooh Zante fwiends!! Make loads of new pals as you smash the absolute mothers out of the Laganas Strip along with hundreds of other drunken delinquents. It’s a bit boring going on a night out with the same old faces – which is where Mayhem comes in.

It’s loads more fun going out mob-handed especially when you’re on the Laganas Strip in Zante. Benefit financially from drinks deals at all the bars and watch in wonder as girls go absolutely wild during the party games which the Mayhem reps organise along the way. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch, its simply astonishing what takes place after a few too many sambuca shots!

This will be a great night out on your Zante holiday, not that you’ll remember much but hey ho you never know, some photo’s of you being dry humped by Johnny from Barnsley during the sexual positions game might crop up one day when you’re a famous TV star but face that music when it comes.

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We couldn’t cope with the demand for VIP upgrades last Summer so if you want tables, VIP gallery passes and drinks packages included with your event, particularly if you’re a large group we recommend booking as early as possible.

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