All your questions answered here. If there’s anything else you wish to ask please email or text/whatsapp the ticket hotline (+44) 07462 891424

A. NO! This is not a ‘booze cruise! We don’t do games involving whipped cream and strawberry jam. No sucking on chocolate bars. No condoms on head. We also sail at Sunset, the booze cruises sail in the daytime when everyone is hungover and it’s far too hot. That’s why they play games because frankly, they can be a bit boring. They are also frequently cancelled due to lack of people interested and absolutely rammed with lads, which in our considerable experience doesn’t make for a great boat party.

A. No. That’s the whole point. There are 100% NO games played on this yacht. VVIP Yacht Party is a music event, think of it as a floating night-club. We’ve had top DJ’s and artists like Nathan Dawe, Jamie Duggan, Ramz, Not3s and many more join us. None of whom would be seen dead on a booze cruise. We have a massive sound system, two dance floors and in the VIP area people are drinking Ciroc and Belvedere and enjoying the scenery and the music. We appreciate there is a market for games, however we don’t cater to it. Please check out our videos and Hall of Fame gallery to get a taste of what to expect.

Our venue is the best available for a boat party in Zante. You can go out to sea on a triple deck Super Yacht with 300 people and enjoy a boat party with a great reputation run by professionals who’ve been doing this for 7 years. Or you can go on a daytime booze cruise, crammed on a boat totally unfit for purpose with one shared toilet.  In July 2018 we sailed 5 times a week, packed out to cope with demand yet we still had to turn away hundreds of people. With up to 10,000 people in resort peak season, we simply don’t have enough spaces to cope with demand which is why you need to reserve. It also means we don’t need to pay commission so we are £10 cheaper than the local booze cruises and you also get out our discount wristband if you reserve which will save you a decent amount of money in Zante.

You pay the balance in resort when you arrive and pick up your tickets and merchandise. You can pay in either sterling or euros, whatever is easiest for you. We can also deliver if you are at the top of the Strip or at a villa somewhere. If you arrive on the day of the event we can organise everything at the pre-party.

A. You pick up your tickets in resort from our office on the main strip at Plus Club. You can either head to our office which most people do when they arrive and have a stroll around, we are slap bang in the middle of the strip and open every day from 10am til late. Or for those of you who are a bit of a hike away, simply call/text or email and your tickets, merchandise and privilege cards will be despatched to you via moped courier. 2019 will be our 7th year of handling thousands of reservations so be assured we are very organised.

A. We transact using Paypal so your deposits are fully secured. Unlike EVERY other boat party in Zante, VVIP has NEVER cancelled in 7 years. Last year in August two of the other boat party’s in Zante cancelled the whole month as only 20 odd people had been foolish enough to book. The organisers weren’t even on the island. They then had to work to get their deposits back and also try to get themselves onboard VVIP and as we were sold out they ended up with no boat party in Zante.

VVIP Events Zante is a UK Ltd company established in 2012 and our reputation is of paramount importance to us. You could dispute your payment on Paypal if you felt we ripped you off so our interest is to deliver a great boat party and we do.

A. Good question! 90% of guests are aged 17 – 25 and you can come on if you are 17 no problem. Nowhere in Zante asks for ID and there will be no issue being served or drinking alcohol anywhere in Zante.

A. The pre-party starts at 3.30pm at Plus Club. Air conditioned coaches begin to arrive 4.15pm and we have everyone onboard by 5pm when we set off. We cruise the coastline, visiting our private beach for a swim stop and beach party, then sail off into the Sunset around 7.45pm. We get back to Zante around 9.15pm for the transfer back to Laganas.

A. Yes, you get a champagne reception and premium vodka shots from the Goose girls. We aim to get you half-way there. For those who wish to get smashed, we offer a subsidised bar which serves QUALITY alcohol only, no smodka or Raki. You can get a pint of vodka & mixer or cocktail, a quadruple measure of alcohol for 5 euro or a smaller one for 2.50 euro so about £2. You can also pre order Goose, Belvedere, Moet, Dom P, Absolut or Smirnoff by the bottle at very low prices.

A. No, we are on the leeward side of Zante, the sea is like a lake and the yacht is huge. Nobody has ever been sea sick.

A. No we serve no food although we may introduce Pringles this Summer. We all head to Nandos afterwards for our free chicken wings (your very welcome to join us )

We definitely prescribe a light lunch to line the stomach before the pre party or you will be absolutely Frank Marvin by 9.30.

A. The yacht leaves from the Port of Zakynthos – the pick up is from the main strip in Laganas where 99.9% of you will be staying. If you are not staying in Laganas we can arrange a complementary taxi for you.

A. Yes, all our partners will have a poster or banner detailing the VVIP offer, we recommend you pick it up when you arrive so you can start using it straight away. You can save at least £30/£40 over over your weeks holiday which makes buying a VVIP Yacht Party ticket a massive no-brainer in our opinion.

A. Our crew have been in Zante for over 20 years between them and would like to share their top tips and knowledge of the resort with you including very useful information on how to stay safe, not get conned, the best bars, the best beaches, currency exchange etc etc it’s definitely worth a read.

A. HD and watermarked photos will usually go up on Facebook and Twitter the next day.

The only thing we hate about Zante is how some morally bankrupt promotors get away with shamelessly lying their asses off to young people in order to take their money. You couldn’t get away with it in the UK, trading standards would be all over you, but in Zante there is no such consequence.

Completely false advertisements like ‘Biggest Boat Party in Zante’ and ‘Biggest Boat Party in Europe’ are just two examples of the vast amounts of lies you will be told. These jokers have no qualms about promising CO2 cannons, fireworks, world class pyrotechnics, celebrity appearances and famous international DJ’s, yet they have never delivered, or have ever had any intention of ever delivering any of it.

‘Free’ bar’s are used to entice you in which are of course not worth 50 pence; expect a grim bucket of orange juice and peach syrup at best. And marketing gimmicks like ‘£1 deposits’ are used to get your card details, you’re then billed the full amount a few hours later.

Worst of all, none of the pictures they use to advertise on their websites are actually of the boat you will be on! They use pictures of boat party’s in Spain, because they know if you saw the actual boat they take you out to sea on, you would run a mile.

Imagine if you booked a hotel based on photo on their website and then you arrive and it’s NOTHING like the photo’s or how it was described, you would be outraged! Yet this happens every week in Zante.
We are taking the moral high ground. We don’t want to make money through lies, or promise things we have no intention of delivering. All images on our website and social media have been taken onboard VVIP over the years and we happily show you images and videos of our venue, which is in a different league to any other boat used for a party in Zante.
We really, really don’t want or need to lie to anyone and we never will. If you’re not happy with what you get from us we will refund you in full.