Q. Is this like a booze cruise?

A. No. No. No. NO! The VVIP Sunset Yacht party is not a ‘booze cruise! There is no whipped cream and
strawberry jam. No sex games. No sucking on chocolate bars. No condoms on head. We also sail at Sunset, the ‘booze cruises sail in the daytime when everyone is hungover and it is far too hot. That’s why they play games because frankly, they can be a bit boring.

Q. Are drinking and sex games played onboard?

A. (Muffled swearing) NO!! That’s the whole point. There are 100% NO games played on this yacht. VVIP Yacht Party is a music event, think of it as a floating night-club. We have top DJ’s like Nathan Dawe on the decks, saxophonists, fire breathers and a live MC. We have a massive sound system, two dance floors and in the VIP area people are drinking Ciroc and Belvedere and enjoying the scenery and the music. We appreciate there is a market for games, however we don’t cater to it.

Q. Why do we need to reserve?

A. The Ikaros palace only holds 200 persons, there are 100 tickets for boys and 100 tickets for girls available per week. With up to 5,000 people in resort peak season, we simply don’t have enough spaces to cope with demand which is why it’s reservation only. Platinum tables were fully booked by April in 2016 and most of the July boats were fully sold out by May. It also means we don’t need to pay commission so we are £10 cheaper than the ‘booze cruise’ and our discount wristband will save you a decent amount in Zante so make the smart choice ffs.

Q. After we pay the deposit when do we pay the balance?

A. You pay the balance in resort when you arrive and pick up your tickets and merchandise. You can pay in either sterling or euros, whatever is easiest for you.

Q. Where do we pick up our tickets?

A. You pick up your tickets in resort. You can either head to our office which most people do when they arrive and have a stroll around, we are slap bang on the strip and open every day from 10am til late.
Or for those of you who are a bit of a hike away, simply call/text or tweet, email or Facebook us and your tickets, merchandise and privilege cards will be despatched to you via moped courier.

Q. Is my deposit secure?

A. We transact using Paypal so both parties are secure. We are a UK Ltd company established in 2012 and our reputation is of paramount importance to us. You could dispute your payment on Paypal if you felt we ripped you off so our interest is to deliver a great boat party and we do. Your deposit enables us to order your merchandise, pay for the deals we have arranged for you and of course reserve your place on the yacht (it’s not cheap).

Q. I want to play games, where can i get a booze cruise ticket?

A. Booze cruises run by the tour operators are available in resort from your rep, locally run booze cruises are available from ticket shops on the strip. They cost £60 and a wristband is another £10 on top. If you want to play games and pay more money then wait until Zante and buy a ticket from your friendly rep.

Q. Whats the average age?

A. Good question! 70% of guests are aged 18 – 22, around 25% are aged 22 + and yes you can come on if you are 17 – the legal drinking age is 14 in Greece.

Q. How long does the party go on for?

A. Just over 5 hours, the last two are usually a bit of blur!

Q. Is alcohol included?

A. Yes, you get a champagne reception and premium vodka shots from the goose girls. We aim to get you half way there. For those who wish to get smashed, we offer a subsidised bar, where you pay for half price cocktails or beers. You can also pre order Goose, Belvedere, Moet, Dom P, Absolut or Smirnoff by the bottle at cost prices. The VVIP 2017 privilege card will also provide you with more free drink than you can shake a stick at over your week or two weeks holiday.

Q. Will i get sea sick?

A. No, we are on the leeward side of Zante, the sea is like a lake and the yacht is huge. Nobody has ever been sea sick.

Q. Is food included?

A. No we serve no food lol, we all head to Nandos afterwards for our free chicken wings (your very welcome to join us : ) we prescribe a light lunch before we set sail.

Q. Where does the yacht leave from?

A. A common question! The yacht leaves from the Port of Zakynthos – the pick up is from the main strip in Laganas where 99.9% of you will be staying. If you are not staying in Laganas we can arrange a complementary taxi for you.

Q. Can i use the VVIP Summer 2017 wristband my whole holiday?

A. Yes, all our partners will have a poster or banner detailing the VVIP offer – we recommend you pick it up when you arrive

Q. What does the VVIP member newsletter entail?

A. Our crew have been in Zante for over 20 years between them and would like to share their top tips and knowledge of the resort with you – very useful information on how to stay safe, not get conned, the best bars, the best beaches, currency exchange etc etc – definitely worth a read.

Q. How do we get the photos?

A. HD and watermarked photos will usually go up on Facebook and twitter the next day.

Q. Can I purchase a racerback VVIP vest please?

A. Yes, either included in your platinum package, or you can buy in resort for 15 euro if you buy a gold
If you have any questions that are not covered here, please email zante@vvipevents.co.uk to speak to our bookings manager – Jenny Paige

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