Zante Summer 2018

Zante Summer 2018 We have created a monster. Demand for VVIP tickets all Summer during 2017 was fierce, far surpassing all previous years. We had no resort ticket team, relying completely on online reservations, sales from shops and from our base at Plus Club. Every sailing was fully sold out days before it took place … Continued

10 reasons NOT to visit Zante

A great article here from a Buzzfeed contributor breaking it down why you should NOT visit Zante. Of course it is written in a ‘tongue in cheek’ style. Unbelievably, some cretins actually thought it was a negative article about the island but it most certainly is not. It’s quite simple. Zante is a beautiful island, … Continued

Zante Holiday’s 2018

Well all the news from our sources says that Zante 2018 is looking HUGE. Due to various circumstances around the world, once popular destinations like Turkey, Egypt and Morocco are being overlooked for somewhere that people feel a bit safer. There is no point beating around the bush. British people don’t want to get blown … Continued

Zante Spending Money Guide

Zante¬†Spending Guide How much spending money do I need for a week in Zante? This is a very, very common question we receive and for good reason – there’s nothing worst than being stranded and destitute in a foreign land, trust me on that one! Of course, your potential spending money all depends on you! … Continued

June, July, August 2016

Wow, after the usual slow start in May, Summer 2015 in Zante simply went BOOM! June, July and August were absolutely heaving. If your planning on spending your holidays in Zante next June, July or August we would recommend looking beyond the typical package deals and checking out the VERY cheap Easy Jet flights from … Continued

A-List Zante

VVIP have provided 300 tickets to a new company called A-List Zante who will be offering premium event packages to people visiting the island in 2015. Traditionally, tour operators would focus heavily on selling their weekly ‘event’ package at the welcome meeting with hard sell tactics. However, less and less people are now handing over … Continued

Zante Nightlife

The vast majority of people who visit Zante aged between 18 to 30 will be looking to enjoy the hedonistic and wild nightlife that the resort of Laganas has to offer. Obviously, a gorgeous beach and amazing weather is another attraction, but it is experiencing the huge array of bars and clubs and attending some … Continued