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VVIP Events has been the authority of Zante nightlife for the last 4 summers and if we are not the best boat party in Zante, we challenge you to tell us who is.

If your spending your holidays in Zante and your aged 18-30 then you are no doubt going to be interested in the main nightlife area of Laganas. When it comes to bars and clubbing in Laganas your spoilt for choice and the resort now plays host to some world class events. Which is where we come in. 

Our whole business depends on people having an amazing time and we do deliver, week in week out. Please ensure you check the REAL reviews and feedback we have received over the last 4 summers to see what we are all about.

The VVIP Sunset Yacht Party, sailing into the sunset every Saturday night, is not your average ‘booze cruise’. Who wants to visit Zante on their holidays and play games in this day and age? Before you know it your going to be all over Facebook sucking on a chocolate bar with jam all over your tits? If that’s what you want from a boat party, please click away from here now!

Our mission statement when we first sailed was to change the ‘taccy’ image of booze cruises and boat party’s that dominated the major resorts across Europe. Who ever decided that you had to play games on boat parties? We also asked why were cringy games always played? The answer is because your average daytime ‘booze cruise’ was quite simply boring. Sitting on benches getting sunburnt with a hangover drinking rubbish cocktails is not very exciting so something had to be done to entertain the crowd.

If you do want to play games involving whipped cream and jam, condoms on your head and strip off in front of a baying mob – you’re in the wrong place, please book a daytime booze cruise in resort.

VVIP is hosted on the best boat in the Zante harbour, the triple deck super yacht ‘The Ikaros Palace’ which has three dance floors, two bars and a VIP seating area. We have invested in a massive sound system and we have been lucky enough to have the very talented Nathan Dawe as our resident DJ for the last 3 summers. Nathan has his own tour in Zante 2017 so keep your eye out for those tickets as they are sure to be hot. We are confident he will be sneaking onboard VVIP to drop a few bangers on a few occasions as well ; )

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The VVIP boat party is always about amazing scenery, we sail from 5pm to 10pm around the Zante coastline. It’s absolutely gorgeous, check out some of our galleries. Our priorities have always been top notch music, quality alcohol and a great crowd. Major TV channels, looking to film onboard a boat party in Zante, including The BBC, MTV and Channel 4 have all made sure they were onboard the VVIP Yacht Party. They did their research, so make sure you do yours!

In short, when it comes to nightlife and events in Zante 2017, you simply can not do better than partying out to sea with your friends with VVIP Events. You can also still enjoy the main Zante night life as we will drop you back to the Laganas strip circa 10pm where you can continue your evening at the numerous Zante bars and clubs. Finally, we are very proud to feature in the Zante nightlife guide, make sure you check it out before you leave. We were sold out for tables on the top deck by the end of January in 2015 and all of our main events in June, July and August last. So get booked up, as we always say – snooze, lose, your on a booze cruise.

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