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VVIP have provided 2000 tickets to a new company called A-List Zante who will be offering premium event packages to people visiting the island in 2015. Traditionally, tour operators would focus heavily on selling their weekly ‘event’ package at the welcome meeting with hard sell tactics.

However, less and less people are now handing over their money as soon as they arrive. Many are being warned off by family and friends who have been disappointed before on their holidays.

There has always been a lot of bad feedback about the price and the actual quality of the ‘events’. Many tourists would be lulled in by the ‘free bars’ on offer, but would then realise they paid over 200 euro for what was essentially a load of old pony. The nightlife in Zante is amazing, there are scores of bars and some great clubs, so firstly, you don’t need to book a rep ‘event’ every night of your holiday.

Some of their nights you can pay over £30 for and all you get is a bit of face paint and your standing in a bar, painted like a tiger, sipping sh** drinks – is that what a holiday in Zante is all about? How about taking a speedboat to a beautiful private island, getting some champagne, a bottle of vodka and dancing the night away to MK or Pro Green – surely that is a better way to spend £30?

A-List Zante are offering a discount package for the White Party on Cameo Island, the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party, The Paint Party, The Republic Pool Party and a load of merchandise, all at about half the cost of what you will pay in resort. Frankly, it’s a great idea and we wish we had thought of it! 2 of these events are day time/evening which means you still get 5 nights to smash the Laganas Strip. It’s a good deal so if you have half a brain we would suggest having a butchers hook. www.a-listzante.com

Our success over the last 3 years is because we have put on a quality event, that people enjoy. Organising the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party is our full time job – we are not playing games. If you choose to go on an average booze cruise in Zante 2015, that is no problem for us – enjoy yourself. If you choose to go a pub crawl with your reps when you could be at the White Party, frankly, you need your head examined. VVIP advocate asking people who have been to Zante before what is good to do, have a look at videos on YouTube, galleries on Facebook, Twitter feeds for real and honest reviews. If our evening looks like your sort of thing – get in touch. If not, have a lovely holiday : )

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