Wow, after the usual slow start in May, Summer 2015 in Zante simply went BOOM! June, July and August were absolutely heaving. If your planning on spending your holidays in Zante next June, July or August we would recommend looking beyond the typical package deals and checking out the VERY cheap Easy Jet flights from Gatwick and Bristol. £50 one way to Zante? That’s a no brainer surely. Then arrange your own accommodation out there. Choose the events you wish to do before you leave and reserve your tickets – save yourself some more money.

VVIP would like to thank everyone involved for another sell out Summer. We had to turn a lot of people away, which we really hate doing for obvious reasons. We have been offered a bigger boat, however, if it’s not broken it doesn’t need fixing so we are going to stick with our flag ship the ‘Ikarus Palace’. We have found that if we get 100 girls and 100 boys on board, sail into the Sunset with DJ Nathan Dawe on the decks and lay on some quality alcohol then it kicks off without fail! Mad to miss this in Zante, simply mad. Finally, one of the booze cruise’s didn’t even have a DJ this week, they played a CD on loop for 4 hours. Make the smart choice when it comes to getting on a boat party in Zante 2016!


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